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The monument to Vladimir, the patron saint of the Russian Orthodox Church, about 100 yards from the Kremlin walls in Moscow. Critics view it as a thinly disguised homage to President Vladimir V. Putin.CreditSergei Chirikov/European Pressphoto Agency

MOSCOW — With President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia relying on resurgent nationalism as the bedrock of his government, on Friday he inaugurated what many consider to be a symbol of that policy: a colossal, much-debated statue of St. Vladimir, the patron saint of the Russian Orthodox Church who, of course, shares the president’s name.

Supporters hailed the statue as embodying Russia’s core identity as a robust state built around Christian values and under a resolute father figure.

Critics disparaged the work, which rises nearly 60 feet at a main crossroads here about 100 yards from the Kremlin walls, calling it an eyesore and a thinly disguised monument to the other Vladimir.

Whatever observers might think about the monument, there is no doubt that Russia has gone slightly statue mad. St. Vladimir is only the latest, most potent salvo in what might be called the Statue Wars, a battle over whether the proliferating figures across the country are being erected to represent something other than themselves or even than their historical periods.

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October 28, 2016   |   admintam

(ANTIWAR) Complaining about Western “hysteria” surrounding repeated predictions of Russian military attacks on NATO member nations, Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to resolve two solid years of predictions to that effect with a straightforward assurance that “Russia is not going to attack anyone.”

Putin accused Western nations of having “mythical, dreamt-up problems,” and insisted the idea that Russia was going to attack the West was “simply stupid and unrealistic.” He added that he believes the idea is being played up to justify bigger military spending.

The Russian president also sought to dismiss allegations that he is plotting to rig the US elections to his own benefit, noting that the US is a great power and not some banana republic with an easily manipulated political system. Russia has repeatedly denied involvement in such plots.

NATO has played up the Russian threat to justify sending over 40,000 ground troops to the Russian border, with ever-growing numbers announced all the time. Such predictions started after the ouster of a pro-Russian government in Ukraine led to a civil war in that country’s east, with NATO military leaders repeatedly predicting Russian tanks rolling across Ukraine into NATO countries.

This article (Putin: Russia Is Not Going to Attack Anyone) by Jason Ditz, originally appeared on and was used with permission. Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific.

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While demonstrators and police faced off during a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, a rather unexpected show of force emerged – a thundering herd of buffalo.

A stampede near the Standing Rock protest camp prompted cries of joy from the Standing Rock Sioux.

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